Bike Access

JLL hereby certifies that bicycle access will be provided in the floor(s) and/or suite(s):

Location of Entrances and Exits providing Bicycle Access.

The main entrance is located at 114 West 41st Street. No bikes are allowed through this lobby. The secondary entrance of 119 West 40th street is where the hydro elevator is located. Bikes should enter through the hydro elevator and can either be parked in the basement in the designated area or brought up to your floor via the freight elevator ONLY.

No bikes permitted in any lobby areas/common corridors.
Parking in cellar levels only.

Routes to elevators designed for bicycle use.

Riders should use the hydro elevator located at 119 West 40th street to access the freight elevator from the basement.

Parking for authorized individuals of authorized companies pre-approved by Landlord will be in cellar level

Regular hours of operation for freight elevator (If freight elevator is part of line B above).

8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Outside this time requires special notification from Facilities Manager to Property Management Office.